School Excursions

The Sanctuary has breeding groups of endangered animals no longer found on mainland Australia, such as quolls, southern bettongs, and red-bellied pademelons, as well as the Aussie favourites, koalas, kangaroos, and wombats.

We can accommodate groups of up to 80 students at a time, for hourly sessions, half or full day programs.

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Primary Schools

Choose from the following programs:

An Introduction to Aussie Animals

An introduction to the many special animals that inhabit our continent. Experience close encounters with mammals, birds and reptiles. Three specific units aimed at addressing AusVELS outcomes:

Needs: Demonstrating the needs of animals in the bushland for food, shelter, and other essentials. The concept of habitats is introduced into Level 1.
Foundation and Level 1

Features: Recognising common features of vertebrate animals such as head, legs and wings. Level 1

Classification: We group different living things according to features. Younger children explore broader features such as feathers, fur and scales,
while older children explore the concept of adaption to the environment. Levels 3 and 5.


Examining invertebrates is an excellent way to learn about the features of different types of animals and to learn about their classification. Levels 1 and 5.

Young Animals

Encounters with young animals helps us learn about life cycles across a variety of animal. Only available in Spring. Level 2.

Rarer and Rarer

What makes an endangered species? Why do animals become endangered? Using the endangered species found at Moonlit Sanctuary we examine how human actions such as altering habitats and introducing feral animals have caused species to become extinct and endangered. Levels 5 and 6.

Secondary Schools

Please contact us should you like to discuss bringing a Secondary School Group to Moonlit Sanctuary. or call 03-5978 7935

Tertiary Institutions

Sessions can be adapted to suit the course that the group is undertaking. We also recommend night tours for students to get up close and personal with native and endangered wildlife. Group booking rates are available.